Herrera de la Fuente Conducting Orquestra Sinfonica de Xalapa



From Soundings (Gramophone Magazine)

MONCAYO: Huapongo. REVUELTAS: Ocho x Radio. Sensemaya. BLAS GALINDO: Sones de Mariachh HALFFRER: Don lindo de Atmeria. CHAVEZ: Sinfonia India. Herrera de la Fuente conducting Orquesta Sinfonica de Xalapa; Orquesta Sinfonica de Mineria'. O.M. RECORDINGS CD80135 [DDD]; 57:48. Produced by Jonathan Wearn. (Distributed by Albany.)

This disc is basically a reissue. Opus Magnum apparently owns the rights to these performances, which, with the exception of the Halffter, first appeared on Vox Cum Laude. That vinyl disc was enormously popular and successful, particularly with classical radio stations, for reasons equally applicable now. This is terrific music, excitingly played and brilliantly recorded. Anyone who missed out on it the first time around need hesitate no longer. The music of Revueltas and Chavez, at the very least, belongs in the collection of even a casual enthusiast, and the other pieces are of uniformly high quality. This is a disc which is truly self-recommending.

David Hurwitz